Crayola Story Studio

If the hot weather is keeping the kids indoors more, here is something that should help make that indoor time more fun! has an application called Story Studio. The program uses facial recognition software and applies it to a digital photo to create a cartoon of your Swanky Baby!

Once the cartoon is created you can choose accessories, clothing and backgrounds to add to the page.

Once the story is created, you print it out and they color it in. How fun!!

*The Access code required is found on a 48+ count of Crayola crayons boxes.  The program is free with the code from the box.  Want to try it for free?  Better Homes and Gardens Magazine is offering a free 48 hour trial by using this code: PRK7ZD2J

Please click HERE to start your Story Studio page!

Toys Kids Want For The Holidays

For the holidays??!!  Yes, it is still technically summer, but Wal-Mart has figured out what your kids will want for the holidays. They released their second annual Chosen by Kids Top 20 Toys List, in hopes you will start shopping.  Wal-Mart put hundreds of kids between ages 18 months and 12 years old in a room to play with 80 toys and then have them vote on their favorites.

So, if you are one of the those parents that does not wait to shop, I thought I would share it with you now. (The toys all listed will link to Wal-Mart's website. This is not a sponsored post for Wal-Mart, I just wanted to share.)

Creativity and Crafts
Kids are looking for toys that allow them to be more creative.

Big Licenses for Movie, TV Fans
Licensed toys from blockbusters like Disney’s Frozen and popular TV show Doc McStuffins topped kids’ list this year.

Ride-ons, Scooters and Racing Cars
Ride-ons and scooters were popular purchases last Christmas and throughout the year.

Electronic Toys
Kids were again drawn to electronic toys that offer interactive play.

Classic Toys and Activities
Classic toys with a twist made kids’ top list for the second year.

$300 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway!

Welcome to the $300 Walmart Gift Card Giveaway!
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The participating bloggers nor Walmart, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Etc. are associated with awarding the prize for this giveaway. The prize is coming straight from the sponsor. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime, day or night. Thanks for participating!

What To Put In Your Hospital Bag {Advice Time!}

We all have had to or have to pack that all important hospital bag and the usual question is "what should I put in it?"

There is so many wonderful things you can put in a hospital bag, but you are only there for a few days, not a few months.  You don't want to forget anything, yet you don't want to over pack either. 

So, I am turning to you all to let those ready to start packing what they should put in their bags. I would love lots of advice that are not the typical items, but I will leave it up to you all to share.  I will finish off this post with all the essentials that are not listed, but looking to see what you offer too!

You can add any advice here, on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and I will add it to this post.

I'll start with my favorite advice, yet not always the most pleasant topic of your hospital stay...
*Bring a can of Lysol or air freshener. Sounds odd, but the bathroom trips after the baby is born are not always pleasant and when you are in a small room with visitors you'll be glad you brought it. One of my closest friends just had her first baby and she thanked me for that tip!

Here is more advice from Swanky Baby readers!
*Alejandra K.- Chap stick and hair ties

*Jackie J. - Nail clippers to trim the baby's nails

*Katie T.- Soft headband, earplugs (if you're trying to nap in early labor), and a loose tank with shelf bra.

*Nicole S. - A nursing cover. It's great to have so you can nurse when visitors are present. Change of clothes & a few toiletries for dad.

*Tammy E. - Snacks for dad, makeup and hair stuff if you want nicer pics, face wash in case you go in with make up on, phone chargers.

*Lori S. - Socks with grips on the bottom. Hospital floors are cold and slippery. Sounds crazy, but a power strip. In case the outlets are far from the bed, it makes it easier to charge phones. Your favorite hard candy to suck on while in labor. Your own towel. Hospital towels are awful. The next day, have your husband bring in treats or candy for the nurses station to thank them for all their hard work.

Target Gift Card Giveaway!

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Pet Included Pregnancy Announcements

Ready to share the big news with friends and family?   You have a lot of thoughts of how you will share your news, but can't imagine leaving the family pet out of them. Here are some really cute announcements with the family pet and they are cute! Maybe one of these will inspire you on how to include your fur baby.



A Preppy Dressed Baby

With Summer ending and Fall nearing, I have noticed that Preppy is in the stores again. I have seen some really cute fashions for adults, so I thought I would show off some adorable preppy baby stuff I found! How cute would a preppy dressed baby be?

*The little boys Plaid Button Front Romper is so cute!
I just love how preppy any little guy will look in it.

*This Pink Plaid Dress Set is super cute for any little girl.

*How adorable is this Crab Bow Tie and Suspender Set?

*Those plaid bows are so adorable and my Swanky Baby loves wearing bows too!
I'm definitely going to have to add these to her collection.

*Your baby will look preppy cute in this Infant V-Neck Argyle Cardigan Sweater

Comes in different colors.

These Slip-On Boat are adorable! 

Happy Shopping!

Most Unusual Names Actually Given

Thisbe, Sylvanus, Sheba?  Yes, these are real baby names!

If you are looking for a different kind of name to give your baby,  you might want to check out this list.  These names were found at the bottom of the extended US popularity list and were actually given to at least 5 babies.  What do you think of these names?

Girls                       Boys
Amandine                           Amyas

Top Baby Names of 2014, So Far...

This list is out...well the mid-year list is out.  The baby naming website Nameberry posted their 2014 popular baby names list for the first half of the year.

Their list is based on the number of views each name was clicked on, out of a total of more than 100 million page views, for the first half of the year.  The list follows which names parents are most interested in for babies due to be born in coming months.

So far the top girls name viewed is Imogen with close to 200,000 views so far this year. The top boys name viewed is Asher with nearly 150,000 views.

Here is a list of the top names of 2014 viewed.

  Boys                  Girls
1. Asher 1. Imogen
2. Declan 2. Charlotte
3. Atticus 3. Isla
4. Finn 4. Cora
5. Oliver 5. Penelope
6. Henry 6. Violet
7. Silas 7. Amelia
8. Jasper 8. Eleanor
9. Milo 9. Harper
10. Jude 10. Claire
11. Ezra 11. Alice
12. Emmett 12. Adelaide
13. Harper 13. Hazel
14. Leo 14. Katniss
15. Owen 15. Olivia
16. Levi 16. Evangeline
17. James 17. Ivy
18. Rowan 18. Khaleesi *
19. Felix 19. Maeve
20. Miles 20. Evelyn
21. Sebastian 21. Maisie
22. Liam 22. Adeline **
23. Sawyer 23. Genevieve
24. Jack 24. Seraphina
25. Theodore 25. Beatrice
26. Beckett ** 26. Lucy
27. Wyatt ** 27. Aurora
28. Hudson 28. Rose
29. Evelyn 29. Scarlett **
30. Kai 30. Elizabeth
31. Ethan 31. Ava
32. William 32. Elodie
33. Benjamin 33. Lila **
34. Soren ** 34. Nora
35. Eli 35. Grace
36. Caleb 36. Emma
37. Flynn 37. Willa
38. Noah 38. Clementine
39. Quinn 39. Matilda
40. Julian 40. Eloise
41. Bodhi ** 41. Caroline
42. Archer ** 42. Clara
43. Oscar 43. Finn
44. Everett 44. Aurelia
45. Alexander 45. Arabella
46. Django 46. Eliza
47. August 47. Poppy
48. Andrew 48. Ella
49. Josiah 49. Sophia
50. Dashielle 50. Iris
51. Zachary 51. Ruby **
52. Christian 52. Mila
53. Kieran 53. Josephine
54. Luca 54. Harlow
55. Luke 55. Aria
56. Elliot 56. Audrey
57. Charlie 57. Isabella
58. Elijah 58. Wren
59. Hugo 59. Quinn
60. Thomas 60. Cordelia **
61. Ryder 61. Chloe
62. Isaac 62. Mae
63. Theo 63. Emily
64. Jacob 64. Luna
65. Rhys 65. Rowan
66. Lucas 66. Mia
67. Callum 67. Stella
68. Arthur 68. Emmeline
69. Gabriel 69. Ellie **
70. Samuel 70. Juliet
71. Zane 71. Merida
72. Nico 72. Anna
73. Micah 73. Lily
74. Avery 74. Olive
75. Dylan 75. Margaret
76. Ryker 76. Piper
77. Roman 77. Avery
78. Nathaniel 78. Jane
79. Jackson 79. Sadie
80. Greyson 80. Lydia
81. George 81. Esme
82. Knox ** 82. Everly
83. Rory 83. Gemma
84. Ronan 84. Willow
85. Xavier 85. Maya
86. Daniel 86. Frances
87. John 87. Louisa
88. Finley 88. Elsa *
89. Emerson 89. Ada
90. Aiden 90. Lola
91. Harrison 91. Phoebe
92. Simon 92. Kinsley
93. Nolan 93. Zara
94. Charles 94. Madeline
95. Axel * 95. Hannah
96. Tristan 96. James
97. Arlo 97. Delilah
98. Beau 98. Mabel
99. Jonah 99. Emmett
100. Max 100. Hadley
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