New Strollers To Check Out

Now that spring is here, you're probably ready to get outside and enjoy the weather.  It is also when a lot of new strollers hit the market so you can take your Swanky Baby with you on your walks. has listed some wonderful new strollers that I think you should check out.  Stroller descriptions come from

Baby Jogger Vue - $199.99
This stroller will be available on April 29th. It is the first reversible umbrella stroller to face parent or face the world. The seat of the Vue reverses direction in a simple one-hand motion. Becomes a travel system with your infant car seat (car seat adapter sold separately), has a 1-hand action to recline the seat or switch seat direction without removing the seat and has 5.5" rear and dual 5.5" swivel front wheels.

The Chicco Activ3 Jogging Stroller accepts all Chicco KeyFit and KeyFit30 infant car seats with an integrated removable arm bar. It's compact one hand standing fold, flat trunk fold, and quick release wheels for maximum space saving. You can control the swivel lock, park brake, and fold release all from the adjustable handlebar. Also, the adjustable FlexCore suspension allows you to choose between a soft ride for bumpy strolling or a more firm ride for jogging.

Orbit G3 - Travel Collection $1179.00/
Frame Only $460.00
The Orbit G3 is a customizable travel system stroller that'll take you from infancy through toddler years. The Infant travel collection package includes: Orbit Baby G3 Travel System Stroller and Car Seat G3.
This stroller weighs only 13 pounds and is able to compact fold into its included travel bag which fits into overhead luggage compartments on airplanes! It also provides dual functionality to take your infant car seat with its built in car seat adapter (no need to purchase extra accessories), and then perform as a super compact, urban stroller for years to come.
Britax Affinity - $480.00
Their  Click & Go system makes it easy to adapt the Affinity stroller to your changing needs, installing a bassinet, an infant car seat, or switching the direction of the stroller seat, without purchasing additional adapters.
 Bumbleride Indie 4 - $499.99
It weighs a slim 20 pounds, Indie combines the off-road ability of a multi-terrain stroller with the lean agility of an urban jogger and features a 360 degree swiveling front wheel with forward and rear facing locking positions. Indie comes standard with rear suspension, a height-adjustable handle, large storage basket and removable cup holder and is compatible with many other brand infant seats. 
Equipped with a premium chassis, folding bassinet and reversible seat,
the Book Pop-Up offers the ultimate in style, comfort and mobility.
Jané Rider - $750.00
One of the smallest of its category. The lightness of the aluminum along with the balanced geometry and the large diameter rear wheels, make it quick, comfortable and easy to push. The rear suspension with adjustable shock absorber makes it very comfortable for the baby. The rear inverted "C" shaped structure makes it noticeably easier to push the buggy, leaving a free space for the feet, offering you a light, easy stroll. The height of the seat means the Rider can also be used as a high chair as it adapts perfectly to table level. The stroller seat is reversible, it can be fitted onto the chassis in two different positions: with the baby facing the parents or facing forwards.
Smart Lux is complete with a modular convertible main seat (lay flat mode, parent facing and forward facing all in one seat) and offers 21 riding options to grow with your child from birth to 4 years and beyond. Smart Lux also conveniently converts to a travel system, so you can move baby's car seat from car to stroller and back again. It is compatible with many popular infant car seats too.
 The Buzz Xtra unfolds automatically with a unique hydraulic system. The new rugged, air-filled, all terrain tires allow you to easily conquer the path in front of you and the canopy is now much larger and includes a visor for better protection from the sun.

Baby Names Inspired By Spring

Spring is here!!  Everything is fresh and new and soon it will be your newborn baby! If you love
spring time and have a baby on the way, here are some spring inspired baby names I think you should check out.  These names were listed on

Girls Names





















Boys Names

Unisex Names


Most Expensive Baby Items

Only the best for your little Swanky Baby right?
Here are some of the most expensive baby items you can buy.

Suommo- Dodo Bassinet Solid Gold Limited Edition                                                               
24-carat solid gold - $16,320,000.00

Original Gucci Canvas Baby Carrier

Kid Kustoms’ “The Roddler.” 
 starts at $3,500

Silver Cross- Balmoral  

Posh Tots - Majestic Carriage Crib


Posh Tots - Fantasy Coach Bed
starts at $47,000

Moncler - Infant's Fur-Trimmed Snowsuit


Baby Dior -  Knit Tulle-Skirt Dress



Ulubulu - 3ct Diamond Pacifier
278 Pave Set Diamonds - $17,000       


Russell and Case Jewelers - Platinum Pacifier


Gucci - Suede Ballet Flats


Hope you have enough left over for diapers and food! 

Best Bottles For Breastfed Babies put out a list of the best bottles you should use if you breastfeed your baby.  These bottles mimic the motion, flow, and feeling of the breast which should make transitioning a little easier.  The descriptions of each bottle are from Check these out!

The innovative nipple design replicates a mother's breast, creating a natural feeding and latching experience for a happier and healthier bottle fed baby. Features include: open and close with one hand, easy to clean, integrated venting to prevent colic, screw on one-piece nipple, skid-free base,
top rack dishwasher-safe, BPA- and latex- free and exceeds US safety standards.
This bottle has pure flow, ease of operation and cleaning, and to support breast to bottle transition. Its bottom vented one-way Petal valve offers consistent air flow reducing the possibility of colic.
Breastflow's patented 2-in-1 nipple lets your baby control the flow of breast milk or formula as naturally as breastfeeding. By using both suction and compression motions, your baby is able to regulate the flow of milk unlike any other bottle. Plus, Breastflow is designed to help prevent colic.
The yoomi self-warming bottle warms baby's feed in just 60 seconds. Perfect for hungry
babies at home, out and about or for night-time .
The unique, natural shaped nipple mimics the natural feel, flex and movement of breastfeeding, similar to mom's own natural feeding action. BPA and Phthalate free.
All Medela breastmilk bottles and products that come in contact with breastmilk are and always have been made without BPA.  Authentic Medela parts are engineered, tested and approved to work specifically with your Medela breastpump.
Ideal for breastfeeding moms, the Playtex Drop-Ins Original Nurser features a unique bottle system that eases babies into switching from breast to bottle. Colorful and BPA-free, the nurser comes with five Drop-Ins disposable liners that collapse slowly to promote air-free feeding and reduce colic and spit-ups. The soft latex nipple makes drinking easy on the infant's gums and lips, while a wide base promotes the latch-on technique.
The wide, breast-shaped nipples promote natural latch-on so you can easily combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding. The unique comfort petals inside the nipple increase softness and flexibility without nipple collapse, and the innovative twin valve anti-colic newborn-flow nipple helps newborns feed comfortably and easily.
Their naturally shaped, soft, silicone nipples are ideal for babies who have trouble transitioning from nursing to bottle-feeding. They are equipped with truly innovative vents that are smartly designed to prevent colic, while completely eliminating annoying leaks.

St. Patrick's Day Baby Names

If you can't go out and celebrate St. Patricks Day because you are too busy having a baby, you may want to consider some of these baby names for this fun holiday!  These Irish names were found from

  1. Ashling – Irish for vision
  2. Maeve – Old Irish for cause of great joy
  3. Finola – Irish for fair shouldered
  4. Maire – Irish for the Blessed Mother
  5. Colleen – Irish for girl
  6. Siobhan – Irish form of Joan meaning God is gracious
  7. Clodagh – Name of an Irish River named for female deity                           
  8. Iona – Irish associated this with the word blessed
  9. Niamh – Irish for bright and radiant
  10. Darcy – Irish for dark haired
  1. Patrick – Latin for noble, Padric is the Irish variant
  2. Sean – Irish form of John, meaning gift from God
  3. Grady – Irish surname, used as first, means renowned
  4. Colin – Irish for little chieftain
  5. Seamus – Irish form of James
  6. Aedan – Irish diminutive for fire
  7. Dillon – Irish for flash of lightening
  8. Ronan – Irish from a seal
  9. Liam – Irish form of William
  10. Desmond – Irish for one from Desmond

Hello Kitty Maternity Ward

Hau Sheng Hospital in Yuanlin, Taiwan ( located 95 miles south of Taipei) has a maternity ward that is completely decorated in Hello Kitty. The hospital nurses are dressed in pink uniforms with Hello Kitty aprons and all the bedding is the famous kitty too. There is even a Hello Kitty statue in the lobby dressed up as a doctor to greet you as you walk in!

Director Tsai Tsung-chi said he hopes the famous cat will ease the pain and fear associated with childbirth and being admitted into hospital. "I wish that everyone who comes here, mothers who suffer while giving birth and children who suffer from an illness, can get medical care while seeing these kitties and bring a smile to their faces, helping forget about discomfort and recover faster," he told

The director declined to say how much he was paying Sanrio for the Hello Kitty rights except to say it was a "reasonable" figure.

I think I would have a baby in a Hello Kitty themed maternity ward! Wouldn't you?

Classic Baby Names That Never Go Out Of Style

These baby names have been classics for years and will probably be somewhere in the top baby name lists in the years to come.

If you are looking for a classic baby name, then you might want to check out this list from



Mexico's Banned Baby Name List

The Mexican state of Sonora has a new law that bans parents from registering names for their children that are deemed to be "derogatory, pejorative, discriminatory or lacking in meaning."

"The objective of the list is to protect children from being bullied because of their name," said Cristina Ramirez, the director of Sonora's Civil Registry. "We know that bullying can seriously affect a child's personality and the development of social skills, and we want to do what we can from our area of responsibility." "Some people are saying we are attacking the liberty of parents. We think these names attack the superior interests of the child," said Ramirez.

Many other countries have their own banned baby name list.  I previously did a post of "Baby Names From Around The World" and you can check it out HERE.

The names on this list have all been registered names in Mexico that parents gave their kids in the past. The list will be updated every few months with a view to adding new names as they arise.

The list of banned names includes: Batman

Burger King

Calzon (Panties)

Cesárea (Cesarean)

Christmas Day

Circuncision (Circumcision)


Escroto (Scrotum)


Harry Potter




James Bond

Lady Di

Marciana (Martian)







Rolling Stone




Tránsito (Traffic)



Virgen (Virgin)


What do you think of this list of banned names?  Do you think there should be a banned list at all?

My Valentine's Day Gift For Pregnant Women

If you are pregnant, you probably are not feeling the sexiest on this Valentine's Day.  I am hoping this gift of special pictures I found on will help you feel a little better. Enjoy and Happy Valentine's Day!

Books for February Holidays

February has fun holidays to celebrate. Why not teach your Swanky Baby about them with a good book?  This list from is great and I thought your children would like them too. Happy reading!

Groundhog Day

"Brownie Groundhog and the February Fox"
written by Susan Blackaby, illustrated by Carmen Segovia

Chinese New Year
"The Runaway Wok"   written by Ying Chang Compestine, illustrated by Sabastiá Serra

Valentine's Day

"A String of Hearts"  written by Laura Malone Elliott, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Presidents' Day

"Just in Time, Abraham Lincoln" by Patricia Polacco

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